Notes on Japan

WomanGoingPlaces visited Japan for the first time this year. As did 20 million other visitors. And with the summer Olympic Games scheduled  for Tokyo in 2020, travel to Japan is expected to soar with many more going to see the marvellous sights and rich experiences that Japan can offer.

We went during the northern autumn to the four main islands – Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku – and several smaller islands including Miyajima.

In an ongoing series of posts, we will share with you some of the extraordinary  places we visited and the uniquely Japanese experiences we had.

Japan is a country where people are unfailingly polite, helpful and frequently warm in their welcome of foreigners, especially those who take the trouble to learn even a few words of Japanese. Although English is not widely spoken, language is not the insuperable barrier that you might imagine. Goodwill and making sure you have your destinations and accommodations written in Japanese as well as English, are invaluable when you need directions or use transport.

We hope you enjoy our Notes on Japan beginning with the video below, and that you too will be inspired to visit this fascinating country.



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