Top 5 Places

    Leading Australian women share their favourite places in Australia

    Michelle Garnaut – My Top 5 Places in Australia

    For centuries, empires, governments and global companies have vied with each other in displays of wealth, grandeur and power along the Bund in Shanghai. For close to a quarter of a century, one Australian woman has maintained her position on the Bund with no power other than the power of her reputation.

    Michelle Garnaut, CEO of the M Restaurant Group, has established restaurants and lounges that have pioneered independent fine dining in both China and Hong Kong.
    十二月 9, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Rosie Batty AO – My Top 5 Places in Australia

    Rosie Batty made Australia listen.

    Her son, Luke aged 11, was with his father playing cricket in the park when his father walked over to him and killed him.
    In expressing her personal grief, Rosie compelled us to see that family violence was our business. She made us see that the plight of thousands of women and children could one day be our plight, or that of someone close to us.
    九月 11, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Maureen Wheeler – My Top 5 Places In Australia

    Maureen Wheeler AO is a pioneer of landmark enterprises in both travel and in the cultural life of Melbourne.

    She was the co-founder, with her husband Tony, of Lonely Planet books - guides as indispensable to travellers as their backpacks or suitcases.
    Maureen was also the co-founder of the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. This centre for books, writing and ideas played a critical role in Melbourne achieving its status as a UNESCO designated City of Literature.
    四月 21, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

    玛西亚•兰顿教授最心仪的澳大利亚五大旅游胜地 – Marcia Langton

    玛西亚•兰顿教授(Marcia Langton)是一位人类学家和地理学家。同时她还是墨尔本大学澳大利亚土著研究协会的创办主席。在1993年,由于她在人类学和拥护土著居民人权方面的贡献,她成为了澳大利亚勋章(Order of Australia)的持有者之一。
    七月 13, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

    凯西·莱特最心仪的澳大利亚五大旅游胜地 Kathy Lette

    凯西·莱特(Kathy Lette)集中体现了聪明和时髦这两个词。身为作家和评论家的她不仅文思敏捷还拥有着敏锐的洞察力,这让她收获了众多的读者和崇拜者。

    作为一个作家,她的才华已经不仅仅在于消遣读者,还在于用幽默和较粗俗的言语来反映那些严重影响女性生活的话题。例如,在她的新小说《求偶遇难》(Courting Trouble)一书中便使用了幽默的手法来谈论性暴力,这种手法在描述英国和其他地方的法庭如何令人发指地对待强奸受害人时体现的尤为明显。凯西把幽默作为一种武器,因为只有“理想中的正义才是女性可以获得的正义之一,而在这一过程中笔则可以作为利器打败敌人。”
    十月 9, 2015/通过: Rosalie Zycher

    安娜·高兹沃斯 (Anna Goldsworthy) 最心仪的澳洲五大旅游胜地

    安娜·高兹沃斯(Anna Goldsworthy)天赋秉异且一直致力于参加各种高难度的活动。作为享有盛名的钢琴独奏家,安娜不仅在澳大利亚也在世界各地进行演出,范围之广,可见一斑。安娜同时还以传记家、散文家、剧作家及剧本作者而闻名。
    五月 12, 2015/通过: Rosalie Zycher

    音乐大师西蒙娜•杨最心仪的澳大利亚五大旅游胜地 – Maestro Simone Young – My Top 5 Places in Australia

    八月 15, 2016/通过: Rosalie Zycher

    安妮·萨默斯最心仪的五大澳洲旅游胜地 Anne Summers – My Top 5 Places in Australia

    安妮·萨默斯(Anne Summers)可谓是女权主义者、记者、作家、编辑和出版商中的先锋者。

    十二月 31, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Fabian Dattner – My Top 5 Places in Australia

    " You have to have a beard to be a leader in Antarctica." It was this statement that sparked the indignation and the imagination of Fabian Dattner and led to an unprecedented expedition of 75 women scientists to Antarctica.
    二月 17, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Janette Jeffrey – My Top 5 Places in Australia

    Janette Jeffrey has broken 7 World Records as a Masters Swimmer from 2015 -2016.
    She also holds 9 National records in freestyle and breaststroke in her age group 65-69 years. That's just in the swimming pool.
    In ocean swims she was the female wInner of the Cousins Travel Open Water 'Ocean' swim series 2016/17 in 60-69 age group. She has won her age group of the prestigious Lorne Pier to Pub race nine times.
    But her picture made no front pages, and you have probably never heard of her.
    If young sportswomen have great difficulty getting any coverage in mainstream media, it is almost impossible for older women competing in Masters events to do so.
    十二月 2, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Polixeni Papapetrou最心仪的澳大利亚五大旅游胜地

    当摄影艺术家Polixeni Papapetrou在选择她最喜欢的五个澳大利亚旅游胜地时,她发现这些地方绝不仅仅是旅行的目的地。这些地方俘获了她的想象力和爱,让她把这里的的风景变成了艺术。这些作品拥有无与伦比的美丽,令人印象深刻且动人心弦。

    三月 9, 2016/通过: Rosalie Zycher

    吉莉安•崔格最心仪的五大澳洲旅游胜地 (Gillian Triggs)

    澳大利亚人权委员会(Australian Human Rights Commission)主席吉莉安•崔格(Gillian Triggs)由于今年早些时候发布的一份关于移民拘留中心儿童问题的报告而上了国家头条新闻。前国家总理托尼•艾伯特(Tony Abbott)、司法部长乔治•布兰迪斯(George Brandis)以及移民部部长斯考特•毛里森(Scott Morrison)都称上述报告是带有偏见的,并表示他们已经对吉莉安失去信心,希望她能够辞职。

    一月 26, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Women Of Oz

    Australian women share their most memorable trips

    The Impact of the Pandemic on Older Women

    We need to look at ageing in Australia as a gender issue.

    Australian women are ageing quite differently to the majority of men.

    Covid19 has exacerbated the significant disadvantage older women experience on every measure of economic and social wellbeing compared to men.

    It has also increased their social isolation and exacerbated their precarious financial position.

    For women, ageing is a process of devaluation.
    九月 9, 2020/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Corona & the Common Good

    In the autumn of 2020, for two months, Australia united around the common good – “pro bono publico”.

    When the scale of the approaching threat of coronavirus became evident, two unprecedented things happened.

    First, Australian governments, federal and state, chose to put aside politics and ideology and based their policy on the advice of health experts.

    Secondly, the Australian people trusted that our governments were actually acting to avoid a national catastrophe. So remarkably, a public consensus formed around the need to uphold the common good as a priority. What kept the vast majority of people in their homes was not the possibility of fines, it was this shared belief that our individual welfare depended on the welfare of others. And what kept us resolute were the images of mass graves in countries where there was no leadership and no consensus regarding the common good.
    六月 26, 2020/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Indigenous women elders imprisoned for homelessness & poverty

    " Janine (age 61) is one of a large and growing number of older women who are homeless. Five years ago, she was made redundant from her position as an Office Manager in Perth. Despite great effort she has been unable to find a job and ultimately couldn’t afford to continue paying rent. Since beginning to live in her car 8 months ago, Janine has tried to find relatively safe places to park at night. As a result, she has accumulated parking fines which she simply can’t afford to pay … particularly as these have compounded, had administrative fees added and now total over $3,000. When Janine was pulled over by police for allegedly speeding, she was immediately arrested for these outstanding fines and sent to prison. She doesn’t know what’s happened to her car, which contains all her worldly possessions."

    First Nations women elders are being imprisoned as a direct result of being impoverished and homeless.
    Minor non-violent offences, such as not having enough money to pay parking fines, can land them in gaol, and this can turn out to be a death sentence for an older woman.
    五月 31, 2020/通过: Augustine Zycher

    “Through no fault of their own”

    “ Through no fault of their own”. This is the phrase that Prime Minister Morrison used when he announced the new Jobseeker payment that would replace Newstart for the coming 6 months. We were told that thousands of Australians would lose their jobs “ through no fault of their own”.  And since these people could not be expected to live on the Newstart payment of $40 a day, the Jobseeker payment would be doubled to $1,100 per fortnight.

    Prior to Covid19, most people receiving the unemployment payment, Newstart, were actually women aged over 50. Many had been on Newstart for years, usually until they were old enough to qualify for the pension. Not once in the past did anyone in Government announce that these women were unemployed “through no fault of their own”.
    Quite the opposite. 

    There was a deliberate campaign to devalue and humiliate the people on Newstart as dole-bludgers who needed to be drug tested. 

    五月 7, 2020/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Covid19 – Is it the economy or the elderly?

    There is a disturbing narrative growing about Covid19 restrictions. It boils down to making a choice between the economy or the elderly. The argument is that the economy and young people are being sacrificed to protect older people. Mike Seccombe in the Saturday Paper defined it as “ the extent to which we will mortgage our children’s future to protect the health of our ageing parents.”   And he talks about “ repaying the massive debt we have accrued, largely out of consideration of those older people.”

    First, this creates an artificial dichotomy that somehow presents an international and a national crisis as an  inter-generational conflict.
    四月 19, 2020/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Abandoning Old People on Ice Floes

    It’s called Senicide - the custom of abandoning or killing the elderly once they reached the age of 60 or 70. The Inuit abandoned elders on ice floes. If you are ageing in Australia and are financially vulnerable, while you may not be dumped on an ice floe, you are at risk of being abandoned.

    The Australian Government fails to acknowledge the scale and severity of an unprecedented crisis facing our ageing population. But confront it we must, because it has become an existential issue for Australia.

    In the same way that we need a comprehensive climate policy to deal with climate change, so too do we need a comprehensive strategy to deal with demographic change.

    However, the Government is not engaged in strategic national planning on this issue. Instead its policy towards financially vulnerable older Australians can best be described as a policy of attrition.
    二月 18, 2020/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Places & People

    In Praise of Solo Travel in Italy for Women

    Italy is the perfect place for solo travel for women. But when I told people that I had recently travelled through Italy myself, they looked at me in disbelief and the usual response was — “ Well, that takes balls. I wouldn’t do that.” But why not? Travelling solo is a liberating and exhilarating experience. It fills us with a sense of adventure, opens our minds and relaxes the soul.
    八月 9, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Legendary Stockman of the Australian Outback, Luke McCall

    Luke McCall, aged 84, is one of the few surviving stockmen. For over half a century he crossed the vast length and breadth of Australia with thousands of head of cattle and horses. He loved the life and the stock and never saw it as a life of extreme physical hardship, danger and isolation. In this profile she has written for WomanGoingPlaces, Patricia McPherson describes her mate, Luke McCall as " a legendary stockman whose name stands high right across the north of Australia."
    七月 23, 2014/通过: Rosalie Zycher

    Outback Australia in the Wet Season

    My daughter Genevieve and I drove 4000 kilometres from Port Augusta…
    五月 8, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Geisha in Kyoto, Japan

    Kyoto is the centre of Japan’s Geisha culture. There are almost 200 Geiko (Geisha) in Kyoto, making it the largest concentration in Japan. It is hard to find a Western equivalent for this exclusive profession. It combines the rigorous training and discipline of an elite ballet school and music academy, with the self-renunciation of a nunnery. Exquisitely costumed Geiko are sometimes seen along the narrow streets in the Gion quarter. Meeting a Maiko, a young woman in apprenticeship to become a Geiko, was one of the most memorable events of our time in Japan.
    一月 2, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

    Our Top Places in Japan

    WomanGoingPlaces has chosen some of the places we saw as first-time visitors to Japan that became our Top Places in Japan.
    These are to be found on 4 different islands of Japan - Honshu, Miyajima, Hokkaido and Shikoku. The choices are arranged according to islands and not in order of favourites.
    三月 3, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

    Hokkaido – the Northern Island of Japan

    Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands gives you a sense of space, of wilderness and of untamed nature, thanks largely to its many national parks and large stretches of uninhabited spaces. In winter, it becomes a wonderland of ice and snow and people flock to its ski resorts. Autumn arrives earlier in Hokkaido than in the rest of Japan, so you are more likely to see the turning of the leaves here first. Of all the wonderful sights and attractions of Hokkaido, its volcanoes and natural hot springs, are the most impressive.
    一月 27, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher