Welcome to Our Chinese-language Followers

WomanGoingPlaces would like to welcome our many Chinese-speaking followers.

Many of our articles are available in Chinese. Simply click the Chinese flag icon on the page.

Some of you may be planning a visit to Australia. Or you may already be here.

Because women make most of the travel plans for themselves, their families or for their friends,  we have set up a website for women travelers.

Our womangoingplaces.com.au website can give you opportunities to learn about beautiful and interesting places here in Australia that you can visit either on your own or with a tour group.

We also provide information about activities and events that will give you enjoyable experiences and a new way of seeing the country.

Our high quality videos, photos and posts, give you a taste of places and experiences you might not otherwise have known about or considered doing.

We are two Australian sisters who have lived and worked around the world. Augustine Zycher is a journalist, speechwriter and documentary filmmaker. Rosalie Zycher worked as a theatre and opera director and actor. We are not a tour company or operator, but two women who love to discover beautiful and interesting places to go and fascinating things to do. We are happy to share with you our impressions of the wonderful places we have visited.

We update our website all the time with new ideas for travel and activities, so keep visiting our website or subscribe to be notified of new posts. We would also be happy to hear from you regarding your reaction to our site or any comments you would like to contribute.

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