Our Top 5 places to visit in Australia

We ask some remarkable and interesting women who have travelled widely about their favourite 5 places to visit in Australia. These are their choices and their reasons for choosing them. They also include some travel tips that have stood them in good stead.

True Face of Newstart Recipients

Wendy Morgan, in her appearance on ABC’s The Drum, showed the true face of Newstart recipients.

The majority are older women and they are on Newstart much longer than younger people, often for four years until they are old enough for the pension.

Wendy is not a drug addict. Nor is she a dole bludger.

She is a science tutor, has a double science degree in physics and chemistry, ran a printing lab and also has a forklift license.
十月 7, 2019/通过: Augustine Zycher

The Queen & Other Older Women

Have you noticed something about the women who were honoured this year in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list?

Have you noticed that a significant number of these leaders in business, the media, STEM, women’s rights, Indigenous recognition, and innovation are women over the age of 50 - usually referred to as ‘older women’.

These women have been quite rightly recognised for their valuable contributions to society.  So why is it that women over 50 are generally regarded in media and in terms of employment as having expended their value with their youth?
六月 16, 2019/通过: Augustine Zycher

The ‘Invisible’ Crisis

This election is characterised by bipartisan blindness. Both the Coalition's 2019 Budget and the Budget Reply show that Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten have overlooked a looming national crisis. Neither is prepared to recognise that older women in Australia are ageing into poverty and homelessness in unprecedented numbers.

These women remain invisible to both leaders and to their party platforms.

And yet the statistics are available to those who want to see them.
四月 10, 2019/通过: Augustine Zycher


Paul Keating recently expressed fears of a future when there will be two Australias. But we are already there. We already have a generation of people who have worked all their lives and now find themselves impoverished. They are women aged over 55 and there are over a million of them.
Their economic disadvantage is the consequence of a history of gender discrimination.
Throughout their working lives, these women suffered decades of economic discrimination, inequality and injustice.
十一月 18, 2018/通过: Augustine Zycher


Our names are Augustine Zycher and Rosalie Zycher. We are the Founders and Editors of WomanGoingPlaces.

We now setting up a Facebook Group called:
www.facebook.com/groups/oldsheilas/. Email: [email protected]

We belong to a generation of pioneers - women over the age of 50.
But we don’t really see ourselves as a pioneering generation. And we certainly are not given any credit for it. So maybe it’s worthwhile remembering just what we did pioneer.
十月 14, 2018/通过: Augustine Zycher

WOMEN OVER 50 – what shall we call ourselves?

Let’s start by listing what other people call us - matron, old lady, granny, biddy, old bag, crone, hag, witch, are some of the names used.

There is nothing positive about these appellations. They are either neutral or negative. 
They denote weakness, ugliness, helplessness and even evil.
They constitute a massive put down. 

In a society that values women primarily for their youthful beauty, sexual and reproductive powers, the more we age, the more we lose value. Our currency as women is devalued. 
Until we become invisible.
四月 9, 2018/通过: Augustine Zycher

Michelle Garnaut – My Top 5 Places in Australia

For centuries, empires, governments and global companies have vied with each other in displays of wealth, grandeur and power along the Bund in Shanghai. For close to a quarter of a century, one Australian woman has maintained her position on the Bund with no power other than the power of her reputation.

Michelle Garnaut, CEO of the M Restaurant Group, has established restaurants and lounges that have pioneered independent fine dining in both China and Hong Kong.
十二月 9, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

Rosie Batty AO – My Top 5 Places in Australia

Rosie Batty made Australia listen.

Her son, Luke aged 11, was with his father playing cricket in the park when his father walked over to him and killed him.
In expressing her personal grief, Rosie compelled us to see that family violence was our business. She made us see that the plight of thousands of women and children could one day be our plight, or that of someone close to us.
九月 11, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

We, the Matriarchs…

We, the Matriarchs… are the first generation in history of older, highly educated women to number in the tens of millions.
We are the first ever generation of older women who have spent decades in the workforce in professions and skilled employment, and not in the sweatshops and the fields.
We are the first ever generation of older women who have accumulated independent wealth and economic clout, despite discriminatory wage practices.
And we are the first ever generation of older women who can expect to live into their 90s.

But now we are entering the age of retirement. What next? What does society expect of us?

Well, nothing really.
六月 18, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

Maureen Wheeler – My Top 5 Places In Australia

Maureen Wheeler AO is a pioneer of landmark enterprises in both travel and in the cultural life of Melbourne.

She was the co-founder, with her husband Tony, of Lonely Planet books - guides as indispensable to travellers as their backpacks or suitcases.
Maureen was also the co-founder of the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. This centre for books, writing and ideas played a critical role in Melbourne achieving its status as a UNESCO designated City of Literature.
四月 21, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

音乐大师西蒙娜•杨最心仪的澳大利亚五大旅游胜地 – Maestro Simone Young – My Top 5 Places in Australia

八月 15, 2016/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Ajok – Women of Oz

My name is Ajok. I come from South Sudan (in 2005).
We want to talk with the Australian people. We are good people. We are not bad people. This is kids who take the rule here. This rule is not our rule.
But now our kids not listen to us.
When you see on the TV they say black people do this, they do this, you not feeling good. You feeling like tell your kid and your family to go back in your country. But not safe in our country. That’s why we are here.
四月 16, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Fatma – Women of Oz

My name is Fatma. I come from Sudan. It was very dangerous, very scary. Some people stealing some things, some people steal kids. I’m scared, I say, Oh my God, me alone - no-one to help me. Just me with four boys and all just small.
四月 14, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

In Praise of Solo Travel in Italy for Women

Italy is the perfect place for solo travel for women. But when I told people that I had recently travelled through Italy myself, they looked at me in disbelief and the usual response was — “ Well, that takes balls. I wouldn’t do that.” But why not? Travelling solo is a liberating and exhilarating experience. It fills us with a sense of adventure, opens our minds and relaxes the soul.
八月 9, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

安娜·高兹沃斯 (Anna Goldsworthy) 最心仪的澳洲五大旅游胜地

安娜·高兹沃斯(Anna Goldsworthy)天赋秉异且一直致力于参加各种高难度的活动。作为享有盛名的钢琴独奏家,安娜不仅在澳大利亚也在世界各地进行演出,范围之广,可见一斑。安娜同时还以传记家、散文家、剧作家及剧本作者而闻名。
五月 12, 2015/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Legendary Stockman of the Australian Outback, Luke McCall

Luke McCall, aged 84, is one of the few surviving stockmen. For over half a century he crossed the vast length and breadth of Australia with thousands of head of cattle and horses. He loved the life and the stock and never saw it as a life of extreme physical hardship, danger and isolation. In this profile she has written for WomanGoingPlaces, Patricia McPherson describes her mate, Luke McCall as " a legendary stockman whose name stands high right across the north of Australia."
七月 23, 2014/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Outback Australia in the Wet Season

My daughter Genevieve and I drove 4000 kilometres from Port Augusta…
五月 8, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

安妮·萨默斯最心仪的五大澳洲旅游胜地 Anne Summers – My Top 5 Places in Australia

安妮·萨默斯(Anne Summers)可谓是女权主义者、记者、作家、编辑和出版商中的先锋者。

十二月 31, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

Esther aged 107 and Norma – Women of Oz

We interviewed Esther, aged 107, with her daughter Norma. Esther has lived in an aged care facility since she was 102. Prior to that she lived independently. Throughout her long life, she travelled extensively in Australia, especially in the family caravan, with her late husband and her daughters. These trips were a joyful and an important part of Esther’s family life. She and Norma share some of these memories.
十二月 27, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher




一月 18, 2014/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Geisha in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is the centre of Japan’s Geisha culture. There are almost 200 Geiko (Geisha) in Kyoto, making it the largest concentration in Japan. It is hard to find a Western equivalent for this exclusive profession. It combines the rigorous training and discipline of an elite ballet school and music academy, with the self-renunciation of a nunnery. Exquisitely costumed Geiko are sometimes seen along the narrow streets in the Gion quarter. Meeting a Maiko, a young woman in apprenticeship to become a Geiko, was one of the most memorable events of our time in Japan.
一月 2, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

Our Top Places in Japan

WomanGoingPlaces has chosen some of the places we saw as first-time visitors to Japan that became our Top Places in Japan.
These are to be found on 4 different islands of Japan - Honshu, Miyajima, Hokkaido and Shikoku. The choices are arranged according to islands and not in order of favourites.
三月 3, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

乌鲁鲁(艾尔斯岩石)— 澳大利亚的红色中部

乌鲁鲁(艾尔斯岩石)是世界上为数不多得到联合国教科文组织认可的世界双遗产地之一,得到认可的不仅是它的自然价值 ,同时也有其卓越的文化价值。

十月 5, 2014/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Susan – Women of Oz

I learnt to be on my own later, travelling as an older woman, because I think I have been left alone as an older woman in a way that I never was when I was younger. I used to be followed. Spain was a nightmare. You couldn’t be on the street in those days in the sixties. You could not go to Spain alone. You could not go to Greece alone. And you could not be in Italy unless you wanted to be followed all the time. Now I feel very free because no-one even sees me! Oh, it’s great! It’s fabulous!
五月 16, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher
Ningaloo Reef




二月 12, 2014/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Karyn – Women of Oz

Every time we build in Cambodia, it’s a challenge because 40 to 50 people build 40 homes in 3 days. It’s heads down, bottom up, hammer away. It’s always a physical challenge.
五月 16, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

Susie – Women of Oz

The most outstanding trip I ever undertook was with a group of 5 women and we climbed Kilimanjaro. It was an amazing, emotional experience.
五月 16, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

Elizabeth – Women of Oz

I’d never been out of Australia until about 6 years ago. Well, I thought, it’s now or never. And now I’ve been to over 30 countries.
五月 16, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

亚瑟港, 塔斯马尼亚 – Port Arthur, Tasmania

六月 3, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

Claire – Women of Oz

The trip I most remember was to Mexico, about 4 years ago. My daughter was working there with Cirque du Soleil.
五月 16, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

Hokkaido – the Northern Island of Japan

Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s main islands gives you a sense of space, of wilderness and of untamed nature, thanks largely to its many national parks and large stretches of uninhabited spaces. In winter, it becomes a wonderland of ice and snow and people flock to its ski resorts. Autumn arrives earlier in Hokkaido than in the rest of Japan, so you are more likely to see the turning of the leaves here first. Of all the wonderful sights and attractions of Hokkaido, its volcanoes and natural hot springs, are the most impressive.
一月 27, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Japan’s Brilliant Bullet Train

Remarkably, Japanese trains have an annual average late arrival time of only 38 seconds!
The bullet train or Shinkansen that connects major centres, is a marvel. Travelling at up to 300km per hour, this sleek, white, green or red serpent of a train is whisper quiet and provides a smooth ride when you are inside. Outside, it appears as a rush of wind if you’re lucky enough to catch it passing at full speed.
一月 24, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

The Pleasures of a Japanese Toilet

The pleasures of the Japanese toilet are gaining worldwide attention. The BBC in its news today, made an announcement about toilets in Japan. And recently the New York Times ran a feature story on Japanese toilets. Why toilets would qualify as news might puzzle many - but it would not surprise those who have been to Japan.
Japanese toilets are quite ingenious.
一月 19, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Ryokans in Japan

Ryokans in Japan have been described as national treasures. These traditional inns for travellers are located throughout the country. You can stay in Western-style hotels throughout Japan, but you would be missing out on very memorable and pleasurable experiences by not staying in a ryokan. Many hotels also offer you a choice of Western or Japanese-style rooms. The latter are similar to a room in a ryokan. These rooms tend to be larger than Western-style rooms which are often tiny.
一月 13, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Onsen in Japan

Japan’s ubiquitous volcanoes frequently cause land and sea to shudder. But they are also the source of the healing waters of the Onsen, the public bath houses all over Japan that are often supplied with mineral water drawn from hot springs in volcanic craters.
Onsen have been part of Japanese life for millennia.
And one of the great delights of visiting Japan is staying in ryokans - traditional inns - with Onsen.
一月 6, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

Fabian Dattner – My Top 5 Places in Australia

" You have to have a beard to be a leader in Antarctica." It was this statement that sparked the indignation and the imagination of Fabian Dattner and led to an unprecedented expedition of 75 women scientists to Antarctica.
二月 17, 2017/通过: Augustine Zycher

塔斯马尼亚塔斯曼岛游船 – Tasman Island Cruise, Tasmania

五月 9, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

Janette Jeffrey – My Top 5 Places in Australia

Janette Jeffrey has broken 7 World Records as a Masters Swimmer from 2015 -2016.
She also holds 9 National records in freestyle and breaststroke in her age group 65-69 years. That's just in the swimming pool.
In ocean swims she was the female wInner of the Cousins Travel Open Water 'Ocean' swim series 2016/17 in 60-69 age group. She has won her age group of the prestigious Lorne Pier to Pub race nine times.
But her picture made no front pages, and you have probably never heard of her.
If young sportswomen have great difficulty getting any coverage in mainstream media, it is almost impossible for older women competing in Masters events to do so.
十二月 2, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

澳大利亚的内陆地区:昆士兰卡穆威尔 派特•麦克弗森

九月 9, 2014/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Polixeni Papapetrou最心仪的澳大利亚五大旅游胜地

当摄影艺术家Polixeni Papapetrou在选择她最喜欢的五个澳大利亚旅游胜地时,她发现这些地方绝不仅仅是旅行的目的地。这些地方俘获了她的想象力和爱,让她把这里的的风景变成了艺术。这些作品拥有无与伦比的美丽,令人印象深刻且动人心弦。

三月 9, 2016/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Ragusa Ibla, Sicily

Ragusa Ibla combines magnificent architecture, celebrity glitter,…
一月 7, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

Donald Trump and “Crooked Hag” Hillary

Donald Trump’s lewdness towards young women has caused an uproar that looks set to end his chances of winning the presidency. By contrast, his attacks against Hillary as an older woman have barely drawn a murmur. Trump and his supporters have conducted a vicious campaign against Hillary using her age as a weapon against her. As though being an older woman is contemptible. They have played on negative stereotypes of old women and used scary, nursery rhyme images of witch-like women. “Crooked hag” is just the latest double-barrelled epithet they have hurled at her.
十月 14, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great

Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia has had very bad press for over 300 years.

She was the most renowned and the longest-ruling female leader of Russia, reigning for 34 years until her death in 1796 at the age of 67. But ask the average Russian what he knows about her and he will smirk and say Catherine was debauched and is mostly known for having countless lovers, usually from the ranks of her young army officers.

So why has the NGV decided to mount an exhibition dedicated to her?
六月 1, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

一年中的哪个时间去日本旅行最好呢?When Is The Best Time To Visit Japan?

二月 28, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

Woman In…. Esperance, West Australia

Esperance is a seaside town on the south-eastern coast of West Australia. To get there, my daughter and I set off on a road trip from Perth, and in one day, drove 730 kilometres through the lower belly of West Australia.
二月 23, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

Nellie Bly – Around the World in 80 Days

It is the 125th Anniversary of the Race Around The World.
十一月 14, 2014/通过: Augustine Zycher

Our Woman In….Havana

One of my favourite ways to prepare for travel to a country,…
十月 28, 2014/通过: Augustine Zycher

吉莉安•崔格最心仪的五大澳洲旅游胜地 (Gillian Triggs)

澳大利亚人权委员会(Australian Human Rights Commission)主席吉莉安•崔格(Gillian Triggs)由于今年早些时候发布的一份关于移民拘留中心儿童问题的报告而上了国家头条新闻。前国家总理托尼•艾伯特(Tony Abbott)、司法部长乔治•布兰迪斯(George Brandis)以及移民部部长斯考特•毛里森(Scott Morrison)都称上述报告是带有偏见的,并表示他们已经对吉莉安失去信心,希望她能够辞职。

一月 26, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

Woman In … Lake Balaton, Hungary

Woman travelling with extended family.

With two grown-up…
九月 10, 2014/通过: Rosalie Zycher

雷娜塔·辛格最心仪的五大澳洲旅游胜地 Renata Singer – My Top 5 Places in Australia

雷娜塔·辛格(Renata Singer)是新书《越老活的越精彩》(Older and Bolder)一书的作者,该书由墨尔本大学出版社出版。她还和她的先生,国际著名哲学家彼得·辛格一起编辑了《故事的寓意:文学中的伦理》(The Moral of the Story: Ethics Through Literature)。
十一月 10, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

莱恩·比齐利最心仪的澳洲五大旅游胜地 Layne Beachley – My Top 5 Places

莱恩·比齐利(Layne Beachley)在2015年被授予澳大利亚勋章(Order of Australia)的荣誉称号。迄今为止她已经获得世界锦标赛冲浪赛事的7个头衔。这些成就是其他任何冲浪运动员,不论男女,都无法匹及的高度。
八月 11, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher

和媛梦之旅一起游览威尼斯大运河 (Grand Canal of Venice)



我们的船沿运河S形曲线朝着军械库(Arsenale)和圣马克盆地(St. Mark’s Basin)方向驶去。
九月 21, 2015/通过: Augustine Zycher


坐在墨尔本郊区的一家咖啡店外,我和两个女性朋友正为即将来临的生日举杯庆祝。此时的天气阳光明媚,雅拉河(Yarra River)的风景美不胜收。树木郁郁葱葱、骑自行车的人精神饱满、河里划船的桨手也充满着活动,周围的一切都很美好。朋友们不经意间说起她们想去巴黎,问我是否愿意一起去。她们的话还没说完就在一旁咯咯地笑了起来,我看得出她们觉得这是个非常好的想法,但实际上却有一点不切实际。

七月 18, 2015/通过: Rosalie Zycher

迪·莫里西— 我最心仪的澳洲五大旅游胜地

迪·莫里西(Di Morrissey)是澳大利亚最成功的作家之一。截至目前为止她已经出版了23本畅销小说和两本儿童读物。

在1991年出版她的第一本小说《勇敢圆梦心》(Heart of The Dreaming)之前,她以记者、电视主持人和制片人、演员以及外交官妻子的身份环游世界。随之带来的不仅仅是她作为作家的极度成功,还有她长期以来在环境方面所作出的积极贡献。

三月 8, 2015/通过: Rosalie Zycher

特雷西·斯派瑟(Tracey Spicer):我最心仪的澳洲五大旅游胜地

特雷西·斯派瑟(Tracey Spicer)在TedxSouthBankWomen演讲上的出色表现不仅在Youtube视频网站上获得了一百多万的点击率,而且获得了人们的一致好评。她在舞台上褪去自己的外衣,一反女性应有的形象,这种做法是对当代社会人们对于女性外表所提出的无理且不现实要求的挑战。
十一月 17, 2014/通过: Augustine Zycher

澳大利亚当代艺术中心 – The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA

四月 30, 2015/通过: Rosalie Zycher

莫宁顿半岛之雅碧湖葡萄园 – Yabby Lake Vineyard, Mornington Peninsula


在2011和2012年获得 “吉米•华生纪念奖”(Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy)“年度最佳红酒”的殊荣后,雅碧湖葡萄园开始进入公众的视线。 黑皮诺葡萄酒(Pinot Noir)也在52年后首次受到吉米华生大奖的垂青,当年获奖的是一款2012年雅碧湖1号园黑皮诺干红葡萄酒(Yabby Lake Block 1 Pinot Noir 2012)。

三月 26, 2015/通过: Rosalie Zycher

澳大利亚的标志—— 墨尔本布莱顿海滩之彩色盒子房

媛梦之旅继上篇 Iconic Bathing Boxes of the Mornington Peninsula 澳大利亚维多利亚州莫宁顿半岛地 收到热烈反响后,现就彩色盒子房发表另一篇文章。与上次不一样的是,这次的彩色小屋位于可以眺望城市商业中心的墨尔本近郊,他们就是布莱顿海滩(Brighton Beach)上的90个彩色小屋。
二月 4, 2015/通过: Rosalie Zycher


在如此美好的春天该怎样度过愉快的一天呢?开车前往墨尔本近郊的欧林达(Olinda)小镇,看看那里的杜鹃花花园(Rhododendron Gardens)将是一个不错的选择。

十月 26, 2014/通过: Rosalie Zycher


我们常常会忘记墨尔本只有179年的历史。墨尔本最早是由殖民者在库林族国家(Kulin Nation)的土地上建立起来的。这座新兴城市的财富不仅来自淘金热潮时期所积累的黄金,同样也源于规划者们所拥有的视野。
规划者们深思熟虑,把墨尔本设计成为了一个街道宽广,公园林立的城市。街道上雄伟的大楼体现了这座城市的财富,同时也代表了当代最令人印象深刻的建筑。从前以“绝妙墨尔本(Marvelous Melbourne)”而闻名,到19世纪90年代,墨尔本已经发展成为仅次于伦敦的英属第二大城市。
八月 18, 2014/通过: Augustine Zycher

日本记事 – Notes on Japan

一月 18, 2017/通过: Rosalie Zycher

卡卡杜国家公园 – 加拉邦弥 (库尔品大峡谷) 澳大利亚北领地 – Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

十一月 25, 2016/通过: Rosalie Zycher

佩吉·古根海姆和威尼斯 – Peggy Guggenheim In Venice

十月 5, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

玛西亚•兰顿教授最心仪的澳大利亚五大旅游胜地 – Marcia Langton

玛西亚•兰顿教授(Marcia Langton)是一位人类学家和地理学家。同时她还是墨尔本大学澳大利亚土著研究协会的创办主席。在1993年,由于她在人类学和拥护土著居民人权方面的贡献,她成为了澳大利亚勋章(Order of Australia)的持有者之一。
七月 13, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

塔斯马尼亚玛利亚岛 – Maria Island, Tasmania

塔斯马尼亚玛利亚岛:历史、地理以及自然的奇迹. 这里是观察袋熊,小袋鼠,小型树袋鼠和树丛大袋鼠自然习性的最好的地方之一。他们可以无拘无束的漫步,因为岛上不允许出现任何车辆,商店或是宾馆。我们偶遇了一个母袋熊和婴儿袋熊。算上引进的觉鹅(Cape Barren Geese),这里有超过140种鸟类。
四月 5, 2016/通过: Augustine Zycher

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凯西·莱特最心仪的澳大利亚五大旅游胜地 Kathy Lette

凯西·莱特(Kathy Lette)集中体现了聪明和时髦这两个词。身为作家和评论家的她不仅文思敏捷还拥有着敏锐的洞察力,这让她收获了众多的读者和崇拜者。

作为一个作家,她的才华已经不仅仅在于消遣读者,还在于用幽默和较粗俗的言语来反映那些严重影响女性生活的话题。例如,在她的新小说《求偶遇难》(Courting Trouble)一书中便使用了幽默的手法来谈论性暴力,这种手法在描述英国和其他地方的法庭如何令人发指地对待强奸受害人时体现的尤为明显。凯西把幽默作为一种武器,因为只有“理想中的正义才是女性可以获得的正义之一,而在这一过程中笔则可以作为利器打败敌人。”
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奥莉维娅·纽顿-约翰最心仪的澳洲五大旅游胜地 – Olivia Newton-John

奥莉维·纽顿-约翰(Olivia Newton-John)是一位在国际上享有盛名的明星。在澳大利亚,人们对她喜爱有加,这种爱经久不衰的原因之一是她的天赋,同时也是因为她在一系列重要事件中所展示出的勇气和做出的承诺。
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麦琪·碧儿(Maggie Beer):我最心仪的澳洲五大旅游胜地

麦琪·碧儿(Maggie Beer)是一位在澳大利亚厨艺界非常出众的人物,她的头像曾作为澳大利亚传奇被印在澳大利亚的邮票上。她因选用新鲜的当季食材而闻名,同时她的菜外形可观、价格亲民。
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Woman In…Patagonia

"Oh, that's impossible, I can't do that!" This is what I…
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但是在莫宁顿半岛上的达令公园(Darling Park)葡萄庄园里,情况就是这样的。在这片酿酒区,达令公园酿酒厂(Darling Park Winery)和巴斯弗林德斯蒸馏酒厂(Bass & Flinders Distillery)就维持着这样一种非传统但是又却极为创新的关系。
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Australia’s website for women’s travel, activities and adventure – Why we set up the WomanGoingPlaces Website?

WomanGoingPlaces is Australia's website for every woman from…
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Why are women terrified of dining solo?


Why are women terrified of dining solo?
When Australian…
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走进澳洲雨林, 喂养本土鸟类



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近日,伯克·布兰登(Burke Brandon)在悉尼皇家奶酪及乳制品展览会(Royal Sydney Cheese & Dairy Show)上荣获两块金牌和三块银牌。同时他也被《农场杂志周刊》(Weekly Times Farm Magazine)评为2013年度杰出农民。
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Home Alone – Not Necessarily!


I've just read an article that again confirmed why…
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Melbourne Now – The National Gallery of Victoria



Like an Empress Dowager, the National…
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Go Yachting in Australia – A Great Activity For Women


You've always wanted to go yachting but you don't…
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Go Mushrooming & Wild Mushroom Bruschetta recipe

Serves 4-6 as an entree or light lunch


1 large…
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