Our names are Augustine Zycher and Rosalie Zycher. We are the Founders and Editors of WomanGoingPlaces.

We are now setting up a Facebook Group called:
Email: [email protected]

We belong to a generation of pioneers – women over the age of 50.
But we don’t really see ourselves as a pioneering generation. And we certainly are not given any credit for it. So maybe it’s worthwhile remembering just what we did pioneer.

* We are the first generation in history of older, highly educated women to number in the
tens of millions.

* We are the first generation of older women who have spent decades in the
workforce in professions and skilled employment, and not in the
sweatshops and fields.

* We are the first generation of women to be able to take control of our bodies and our
fertility and access contraception and legal abortions.

* We are the generation of women who made feminism mainstream.

And now that we are the first generation of women who can expect to live into their 90s, we really need to talk about how we want to age.

In the OLD SHEILAS SPEAKING UP group, we want to be able to speak up about our lives as women over 50 – our achievements, our struggles, what worries us, what’s not right, and discuss how we can improve things for women in our age group.

In the same way we pioneered the choices for women when we were young, now we need to spearhead social change regarding women ageing. This is the last frontier of feminism.

We know that ageing somehow makes us invisible and silent to the rest of society. This is really not acceptable since we are one of the largest sectors of the Australian population. In the OLD SHEILAS SPEAKING UP group we’ll speak and listen. And we intend to make ourselves heard.

We could have called our group matriarchs or elders because that is what we are. But being Australian, we do serious things with a bit of a giggle and that’s why we take pride in calling ourselves Old Sheilas.

We would love to have you join OLD SHEILAS SPEAKING UP and have your say. facebook.com/groups/oldsheilas/. Email: [email protected]

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