Founder & Co-Editor WomanGoingPlaces

Augustine Zycher

In my career, I have worked as a foreign correspondent for The Age, Melbourne, a producer for CNN in the Middle East, director and producer of documentary films, an investigative journalist and speechwriter. I also have my own business Presentation Strategies together with my sister Rosalie.  We coach people to become more effective communicators.

What all these different aspects of my career have in common is that they all involve meeting people and going places. And this is what I love to do not only in my work, but also in my leisure time. If this means that I have to go places on my own sometimes or often, then I would rather do so than miss out.

WHY WE SET UP WomanGoingPlaces

Knowing that  there are countless women who feel the same way we do, is why Rosalie and I set up the WomanGoingPlaces website.

We wanted to create a digital magazine with original articles, photos and video about great places to visit, whether travelling with family, friends or solo.

And we also wanted to create a community of women who share a love of travel and lifetime of experiences.

A community in which women are admired and inspired.


Founder & Co-Editor WomanGoingPlaces

Founder & Co-Editor WomanGoingPlaces

My career has taken me around the world as a theatre and opera director,  actor, dramaturge, and as a programmer and administrator for The New York International Festival of the Arts.

All these experiences increased my enthusiasm for exploring the world. What lingers in memory is not only the beauty and variety of new places, but most of all, the people you meet on the way, the connections and the friendships you develop – and the insights travel can bring.

For that reason, I’ve always been interested to hear about the travel experiences of others – what has made a place or a trip meaningful for them.

On WomanGoingPlaces we share the stories of remarkable Australian women.

Some of the women are in the public eye, others are not.

They all chronicle the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences as Women of Oz.


WomanGoingPlaces is an independent entity. We are not a travel agent or tour operator. Because we want to be able to give our readers reports on a wide variety of experiences that we believe would be of interest to them, we may sometimes accept sponsored travel or activities. Any subsequent report will reflect our genuine experience. We shall always disclose any sponsored activity or travel.

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